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B. Bastola Organization.
We have been in operation since 1972 and are one of the
Reputed business houses in Nepal and International  sector where we are engaged with diversified business activities. : National and International Trading , Manufacturing, Financing , Real Estate, Hotel, Consultancy , Travel, Tour , Hydro Power,  We are  an excluisive  distributor  and right  holder of Digital  Magnetic Inducer Generator  and establishing 500 MW power plant in Nepal and Bangladesh ,Construction, Representation , Management , and Services companies offices in Nepal ,India and Bangladesh . We are going to establish our offices in China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand and Malaysia very near future.

Bastola Organization Property Development,
As its flagship. Bastola Organization's first concern, Property
Development has turned out to be very successful and
Gained immense trust and confidence of the clients and providers. Having a well experienced and capable team of key personnel at the routine and the leadership of a well-qualified management team and support of its partner, suppliers,
Clients and associates, Bastola Organization in a short period of time has become a highly competitive company in the market.
With the gained experience and ramifications of this success, Bastola Organization has consciously decided to invest in new areas where the Bastola Organization now has 14 concerns.
Based on aggressive business policy, marketing strategy, strong and efficient Management and commitment to the society, Bastola Organization has developed number of businesses during this tenure.

Business Information
Companies under Bastola Organization of Companies

Company Name , & Incorporation Date.

(1) Started its operation with : IN 10 APRIL 1972 IN THE LOCAL MARKET
Real Estate and trading business.
(2) Started since 1982 and formally established Everest Milk Foods limited to manufacture skim milk, baby powder Cheese, butter, yogurt ice cream etc. Reg. No: in October 09, 1986.
(3) Satya Ramchandra International Pvt. Ltd. established in April 26, 1987 to Import and Export goods in National and international Market.
(4) Bastola Modern Brick Industries Pvt. Ltd. established in November 20, 1989 to manufacturing glazed and unglazed Brick and Tiles etc.
(5) Office Aid Udhyog established in April1 19, 1990 to manufacture Nepali paper, Envelop and Gift Items etc. to market in the local market.
(6) Office Aid Industries established in July 11, 1991 to manufacture Nepali paper, Envelop and Gift Items etc. to Export these items in the international market.
(7) Asia Telecom Nepal Pvt. Ltd established in November 28, 1997 to provide Internet etc Services.
(8) Milan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Established in April 16, 2003 to provide marketing services in the local market and in the International market too. Since September 16, 1992.
(9) We are working as an Exclusive Distributor of Magnetizer Group Inc. USA. For India, Bangladesh and Nepal.
(10) In February 2002 Magnetic Power Manufacturing Company had sent us their company details to establish their plant and machinery in this region. Since that time we are working them and we met each other in many times in many countries and finally we reached to sign the agreement on August 1st. 2011 Exclusive manufacturing License for Nepal and Bangladesh.
(11) E B M Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Was established on December 15, 2011 under Company Registrar Office (CRO) to Manufacture Electricity 500 MW and to supply Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) which is government owned utility Organization.

(12) Urban green power Nepal private Limited was establishing on 6th September 2012 to production of Energy and controls their plant Machinery.

(13) We are under process of manufacturing solar Power plant 200 MW and to supply Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) which is government owned utility Organization